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        Welcome to DWIN

        Company profile

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        D WIN INDUSTRIAL(HK) LTD, is an IC component forwarder in HK China.
        Dedicated to providing service such as merchandise storage(HK), merchandise distribution, and management of documents, D WIN offers complete sales executive solutions to customers who focus on business of IC components.

        Located in the Central Business District in HK, surrounded by a great number of multinational companies, D WIN is able to provide quick and convenient service to our customers.

        “Integrity, Reliability, Quick responding” is the business principles that D WIN respects greatly.

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        Tel: 0755-82256630

        Mailbox: leo@dwscm.com

        URL: http://www.wantlearn.net

        Address: Address: shenzhen futian shennan road international science and technology building, 3004-3005

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